Innovative design for mobile studio equipment
  • 19“ high-tech cabinet system for audiovisual equipment
  • flexible modular system
  • different heights / widths / depths
  • suitable for stacking and side-by-side mounting
  • easy set up with bolts and knurled screws
19“ rack angles for mounting 19“ devices
Slide rails as installation aids for heavy and deep devices
Screws M6x12 black - to fix all accessories
Rampa inserts for easy screwing into the wood panels
Washer plastic washer for M6-Screws
Desk module robust desk for a quick installation
Cage nuts to fasten all devices at the 19“ rack angles
Corner connection as additional support
Bolts to stack PERFORACKs easily without assembling aid
Knurled screws to connect PERFORACKs without any tool
Rubber feet with threaded bolt to screw in rampa inserts